STEM Skills Fund

Computer Science, Maths & Physics Girls’ Scholarship

We first ran the scholarship programme as a pilot over 2017/18. The objective of the programme was to encourage female GCSE students to apply to study A-level maths and physics who otherwise would not have done so. Because of the encouraging findings from the pilot we are undertaking a further pilot of the scholarship programme, with design changes that take account of what we learnt from the first pilot. Our objective is to determine the efficacy of the scholarship in encouraging students to enrol to study A-level computer science, maths or physics. Our findings will be published in academic papers and made accessible to better-resourced stakeholders who could use the findings to inform development of their own related scholarship programmes.

We intend to award a scholarship of £200 to female GCSE students who enrol to study A-level computer science, maths or physics. We have decided to include computer science in the new pilot because females comprised only 12% of those who took A-level computer science in 2018. Encouraging more girls to study A-level computer science will contribute to increasing female representation in digital technology occupations, a sector in which women are significantly underrepresented.