STEM Skills Fund

Girls Like Me

Girls Like Me is a novel way to let girls understand that Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths (STEM) and Finance have opportunities for all types of people. Girls Like Me achieves this by assisting female GCSE students with identifying their preferred way of working, through choosing adjectives to describe their aptitudes and strengths, and then showing them where people like them are already happy and successful in STEM and Finance careers, applying those same aptitudes and strengths. Girls Like Me is, consequently, expected to build confidence to choose to study A-level computer science, maths and physics.

We train female professionals working in STEM-related and Finance occupations to deliver Girls Like Me, as Ambassadors. Ambassadors facilitate group work with female GCSE students in the presence of mothers. It is important that we engage parents (especially mothers) since for many girls attending state secondary schools families are particularly influential in directing career choices and rarely have direct experience of STEM and Finance careers, higher education, or the professions. Unless we provide that information for families, there will remain a reticence to follow untested career routes.